I am a Photographer.

Photography like any creative medium is a way to express how one sees the world. For me it is a way not only to show what I see, but also a way TO see. A way to become voyeur. To hide behind the lens and look. To observe and record while at the same time show a subject with a strangely paradoxical "subjective truth".

I have been called something of a "purist" in that I do not like post production much. I try and produce an image that is the exact way I saw it through the lens on the day it was taken. Many of the camera techniques I use in producing an image while it is shot, can be replicated in Photoshop after it is shot. But I much rather enjoy a What You See Is What You Get approach. There is something to the work involved. The forethought and planning. The trouble shooting. The creation. This is one reason I love black and white film and darkroom work as much as I do. There is a satisfaction in getting my hands dirty...in not seeing an image until hours or days after I took it...in the surprise and finality of the unchangeable negative.

I am an Illustrator.

I worked as a freelance comic book artist. I have contributed to The Trucker newspaper, Highway Hero Magazine and various independent comic book publishers. Drawing and composing panels. Telling Stories. Expressing symbolism, expression and message through drawn images. All these things helped shape me as a photographer.

I am a Film Maker.

Getting together with my friends annually to compete in the 48 Hour Film Project is one of my guilty pleasures. We are given 48 hours to write a script, shoot a film, and edit it down to seven minutes. It is one glorious sleepless weekend of high tension and powerful reward.

I was born, raised, work and live in Chicago, Illinois.


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